A popular career path for many students is becoming a licensed barber. There are numerous barber training programs which teach students how to trim, shampoo, and style hair. Barbers may also specialize in shaving techniques and hair colouring services. After attending a training program and becoming licensed, barber school graduates can go on to a range of career options, ranging from working in their own salons to teaching barbering students.


One of the most popular options for barbers is to work as a self-employed professional. Many salons, hotels, or barbershops rent out space to independent barbers for a fee. This allows barbers to build their own client base over time and benefit from the flexibility of setting their own hours. However, they must also take care of their own marketing and financial paperwork.

Institutional Barber

Another option for those who have attended barbering courses in London or other urban areas is to become a personal care worker. Personal stylists often work in medical facilities or retirement communities, providing their services to those who are unable to travel to barbershops. They may also work in the entertainment field, on cruise ships or even in prison. Students who enjoy variety and helping people may excel in this career path.

Barbering Instructors

Those with an interest in education and a desire to pass on the new skills they have learned may choose to become instructors. Many working barbers choose to teach courses at Londonschoolofbarbering and other schools in addition to working in their own salon. This can be a rewarding part-time or full-time career for graduates.

Board Examiners

Licensing requirements for barbers will vary depending on the country you live in, but most involve a board-certified examination. After passing the exam and gaining professional experience, a barber school graduate could go on to administer this exam to other aspiring barbers. These professionals also work on reviewing the exams to ensure that they are accurate and up to date with modern barbering techniques.